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Tree and Shrub Program | Dormant Oil | Insecticides | Tree Services | Winterguard

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Tree and Shrub Program


Tree and Shrub Program

Trees are an important investment for Michigan homeowners. They provide us with shade, beauty, and clean air for generations so we know how important they are to you. At Visionary Fertilization, we promise your trees and shrubs will look better than they ever had.

With our program you will get:

2 Dormant Oil Applications:

Applied in the spring and fall to prevent insects from laying eggs on your trees and shrubs over the winter.

3 Insecticide/fungicide Applications:

Liquid treatment of insecticide and fungicide to control most insect and disease problems

1 Deep root feeding:

A targeted injection of fertilizer and nutrients right where the tree needs it, the roots.


A protective barrier around the tree that protects from damage from the sun and wind while locking in moisture.

Tree and Shrub Program | Dormant Oil | Insecticides | Tree Services | Winterguard
Tree and Shrub Program | Dormant Oil | Insecticides | Tree Services | Winterguard

Additional Tree Services

Trunk Injections:

Injections target highly specific problems with a tree such as pests burrowing in the bark, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.

Needle Cast Program:

Do your spruce trees look thin and unattractive? It might have needle cast which is a growing problem here in Michigan. But don’t worry. With our needle cast treatment, we save your trees and bring them back to good health.

Apple Scab Program:

These applications have to be timed perfectly each spring and are applied as a preventative, targeting crabapple trees that have apple scab disease diagnosed by our tree care specialist.

Rust Fungicide Program:

Rust Fungicide applications have to be timed perfectly each Spring and are applied as a preventative targeting Pear and Hawthorn trees that have Rust diagnosed by our tree specialist.

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