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Mosquito Control

Enjoying your back yard or patio in the summer is one of the best things about living in Michigan. We don’t have many perfect nights for outdoor get-togethers before the cold embrace of winter is upon us once again. The days we get are precious and we don’t need mosquitos crashing the party. As soon as these pests start biting it can drive a party indoors. What’s the use of investing in your yard if you can’t even enjoy it?

At Visionary Fertilization, we can protect your property from these disease-carrying invaders with our mosquito control program. You can count on us to eliminate the threat of annoying, biting mosquitoes.

When we come out to assess your property we will look for places mosquitos love to breed such as pools, ponds, standing water, bird baths, tree lines, and swamps. Our first visit, in the spring, is to target overwintering larva before they can mature into those flying pests. We’ll follow up with successive visits throughout the summer to continue to spray for adults.

If you’re planning on entertaining guests and would like to avoid swarms of mosquitoes driving everyone away, we also offer special occasion treatments. We’ll come out a few days before your event and spray the area, ensuring you and your guests will have a fun and mosquito-free evening.

Outdoor Pest control | Mosquito Control | Flea and Tick Control
Outdoor Pest control | Mosquito Control | Flea and Tick Control

Flea and Tick Control

These pests are a little less noticeable than a mosquito infestation but can be even more annoying. Fleas and ticks can live in nearly any area of your yard and if you have pets that’s when it becomes a problem. Pets can bring these bloodthirsty pests inside where they hop off, breed, and bite anyone they come into contact with. Once they’re inside it’s tough to get them out.

A female flea lays up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime and those eggs can stay dormant in the winter until the body heat from you or your pet causes them to hatch. Fleas and ticks carry with them their own list of diseases and this list gets longer and more dangerous every year.

– Tapeworms: infected fleas can be ingested by pets and infants.

– Allergies: Flea saliva and feces are well-known allergens that can cause rashes and fur loss in animals.

– Lyme Disease: A horrible disease carried by ticks that can cause headaches, facial paralysis, fever, and stiff muscles.

The Visionary team has methods for exterminating fleas in every stage from egg to adult. You don’t have to worry about your pet going out and bringing in unwanted visitors.

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