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Aeration | Overseeding | Core Aeration | Liquid Aeration | Lawn care technique

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Does your grass look brown, downtrodden, or weary? Then it might benefit from a good aerating.

What is Aeration?

Over the years your yard gets a lot of wear and tear from playing, running, driving, and mowing. All this traffic can compact the soil and make it difficult for grass to grow and thrive resulting in a host of problems for your yard. Aeration solves these problems by loosening up the soil and letting your grass breathe.

At Visionary Fertilization, we know that no two lawns are alike and the services that benefit one lawn may not be right for the next lawn. That’s why we provide two different techniques of aeration based on your specific needs:

Core aeration

Core aeration is the process of using a machine to punch small holes into your turf, pulling up plugs of soil, and allowing water and air to get into the soil while also loosening up thatch buildup in your turf.

Liquid aeration

For those who prefer a less invasive method in case you have buried sprinkler systems or electric dog fences, we also provide liquid aeration. Liquid aeration works the same way as core aeration except we spray a chemical on the grass that soaks in and loosens up the soil, breaking up thatch.

Aeration | Overseeding | Core Aeration | Liquid Aeration | Lawn care technique
Aeration | Overseeding | Core Aeration | Liquid Aeration | Lawn care technique
Aeration | Overseeding | Core Aeration | Liquid Aeration | Lawn care technique
Aeration | Overseeding | Core Aeration | Liquid Aeration | Lawn care technique

Signs You Might Need To Aerate

In Michigan there are several signs that your yard might need to be aerated and catching it early will save you time and money in the long run.

  • Pooling Water: If standing water appears after a rain or after you water your lawn it’s probably a sign of compacted soil.
  • Brown Patches: Compacted soil can prevent your grass from getting the water it needs.
  • Water Runoff: If you notice that water is running away and not soaking in then thatch buildup could be the culprit.


Another service we provide to keep your yard looking lush and healthy is overseeding. Over the summer your yard can take a beating from compaction and pests. Overseeding is a way to repair those problems while strengthening your turf at the same time.

Over time your grass will get thin and as patches die they are usually overtaken by fast-growing weeds. Overseeding is the practice of blending several different types of seeds that are resistant to insects, disease, and cool weather, resulting in a healthy green lawn well into the cold months.

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